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Hawaiian Dancers & Music

Seattle Hawaiian dance groups follow a long tradition of Hawaiian music and dance developed in the Hawaiian Islands by the Polynesians who originally settled there. No one knows the exact origin of the hula but Hawaiians agree that the first hula was performed by a god or goddess, which makes the dance a sacred ritual. In the beginning Hawaii had no written language and the hula was a tool for emembering history through its dramatization of traditional stories through dance. Every movement in hula has a specific meaning, and every expression of the dancer's hands has great significance. The movements of a dancer's body might represent certain plants, animals, or even a war. Thus the hula was used to tell stories through music and dance.

Seattle Hawaiian dancers come in all shapes and sizes. While we tend to think of Hawaiian dancers as beautiful young girls, the reality is that the halau (hula school) is open to dancers of every age, male and female, who are interested in learning and preserving the Hawaiian traditions. In Seattle most dancers are young and female, but some troupes have male dancers and all include dancers of all ages. Some Hawaiian dance groups work with recorded music which they bring with them while others also work with live musicians. Seattle Hawaiian music groups usually include guitar and ukulele; some add acoustic bass and percussion.

Most Seattle Hawaiian dance groups specialize in the hula but some also add
Samoan, Maori, and Tahitian dance to their repertoire.

  Hokulani Polynesian Dancers
  Hokulani Polynesian Dancers Since 2000 the Hokulani Polynesian Dancers have been performing hula (our specialty) as well as Samoan, Tongan, Maori, and Tahitian dances in the Pacific Northwest as well as Idaho and California. We have both female and male dancers of various ages and a variety of costumes (12 different hula costumes alone!)to spice up your event. We work with recorded music or a live band.

  Na Leo O'Hawaii
  Na Leo O Hawaii Na Leo O'Hawaii specializes in music and dance of Hawaii. The group includes up to six dancers and four musicians playing and dancing to Hawaiian hula music performed by its own band or on CD. Since 1988 Na Leo O'Hawaii has been featured at NW Folklife Festival, the University of Washington, and numerous private events.  

  Bruddah Dem
  Bruddah Dem Bruddah Dem, a band that plays traditional Hawaiian music, began in 2002 with three musicians who together have played Hawaiian music for over 75 years. Tiko Kaeo (ukelele, guitar, and vocals), Bernie Simeona (bass and vocals) and conga player Elias Kauhane all hail from the islands and play all your favorite Hawaiian music with flair and authority. They've played over 150 ngagements in the last five years for corporations, weddings, and other private events. They work by themselves and also can accompany dancers.  

  Kahala Dancers
  Kahala Dancers
The Kahala Dancers, under the direction of Karen Flickner, began to entertain Northwest audiences in 1990. Karen studied with many Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian teachers and runs dance schools in Mt. Vernon and Bellingham. The dancers (all female) focus on Hawaiian dance but also perform some Maori, Samoan, and Tahitian dances. They bring CD's (and a sound sytem) for their background music.

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